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Welcome to We operate a professional Loft Conversions service covering London and the Home Counties. With experience of building products, installation and materials, we are qualified at handling both the planning, specifications and labour involved from the smallest property to large estate. We can operate in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Middlesex, Essex, Berkshire.
There are a number of important considerations when planning to use your loft as an extra room or rooms, such as planning permission, ventilation, roof windows, and access.
All UK Lofts can handle the entire project from consultation with you through initial plans and final installation with details of costs at each stage.





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If you are going to convert your loft into a habitable room you may need to comply with the Building Regulations. The reason for this is to ensure that the work you propose does not place you and your family at risk from the hazard of fire and from that of structural instability. It is important therefore that when you plan your conversion you pay special attention to the following facts:

* If replacing roof timbers/joists they must not compromise the building's safety
* A loft extension usually means there is only one source of access
* Consider therefore possible fire hazards and install alarms if appropriate
* Special consideration about stairway access and protect it from fire
* Provide thermal insulation and good ventilation
* Electrical wiring for heating and lighting must meet building regulations

* Sound insulation is important and must be considered
* Condensation could be a problem unless allowances are made.

Current Building Regulations mean that you should either deposit plans with your local Council for approval or use a Building Notice, which does not require approval. There is a risk with a Building Notice, especially when you sell your property, because you will not know if the work complies with the building regulations before it is started. Expensive errors can be made as a result. Legislation has relaxed in recent years however, but be aware that you could be charged building regulation fees and possibly Building Control Surveyors to inspect the work. All UK Lofts can offer valuable advice in these instances.

Carrying out a loft conversion offers a superb way to utilise the optimum amount of space in your property, and they are rapidly being undertaken as a popular form of home improvement as they offer so many additional benefits.
Often home owners transform unused attic space into a living room, TV room. recreational area, storage, office, or even an extra bedroom.

Sometimes people attempt loft conversions on a DIY basis but soon realise the incredible amount of planning required is overwhelming, and this is where All UK Lofts can provide a simple and effective answer.

You should plan for the exact dimensions of the loft space, especially the height. 7 foot is a sensible approximate height to plan for. Details about the angle of the roof follow on subsequent pages, and  is an important consideration as is the type of floor. Consider too, re-enforcement will be needed and what about wiring, windows, heating, lighting, ventilation, access etc.